CONCEPT.FiT applications – everything consumers need to create great personalized products online, mobile.


CONCEPT.FiT ecommerce – Online, mobile cloud commerce platform to order personalized products.


CONCEPT.FiT console – operations interface managing products, content, all business parameters.


CONCEPT.FiT production – factory-level mass-customization and multi-factory supply chain system.

CONCEPT.FiT end-to-end product personalization business platform

Personalization Platform Modules

CONCEPT.FiT provides everything you need to run a high-volume product personalization and mass customization business. From state-of-the-art consumer design editing online desktop and mobile applications to cloud ecommerce operations, factory-level production- and supply chain operations. Any product customization business can benefit from CONCEPT.FiT to drive it.

Personalization Technology

We are a technology innovation company. Our engineering and development resources constantly drive performance and features through all modules of the CONCEPT.FiT platform. We keep rolling out exciting client app front-end innovation, business management features, operational enhancements. We manage agile development, modularly. However, CONCEPT.FiT innovation is always integrated, views and spans end-to-end throughout our whole system – improving and balancing all requirements to our platform optimally, to achieve the best.

Personalization Markets & Products

Consumer product personalization and mass product customization ideas are endless. We could probably do them all. However, we strive to achieve the best solution performance for every product market segment that we develop. Step-by-step we go through photo products, self-publishing, home decoration, textile personalization, personalized consumer accessories, etc. All of these run optimally through our platform. Contact us, we will help you to implement your ideas and are open to innovation partnerships.

Privacy & Security

Whenever you manage personal consumer data, managing privacy is a fundamental condition. Whenever you manage data, security is a must. The CONCEPT.FiT platform is built and integrated based on our hands-on team experience knowing, understanding and thoroughly considering compliance to the strictest global standards of all, the European GDPR privacy law of 2018.

Partnership Models

CONCEPT.FiT is a complete, yet open customization technology business platform. It can be operated as a franchise, branded or white-label. Alternatively, front end editors, consumer apps or the CONCEPT.FiT factory-level production or the supply chain platform module can each be run as individual module, while other parts of the business would still run on third party systems during transition periods.

About Us

At CONCEPT.FiT, we believe in consumer defined product personalization integrated with end-to-end mass customization industrial infrastructure as one of the most exciting ways to add value to almost any physical product. Consumers love to engage in design – we give them simple, yet fully featured design tools be it online or on mobile. Consumers love to engage – we give them an account platform where they can manage creations, interact with others in their circle. Consumers love to keep and collect things – we provide the infrastructure to do so. Businesses on the other hand like to focus on smooth, yet agile, dynamic and fast adapting operations – we provide the concept and fit it to any existing brand or system. Businesses also like flawless output of personalized products, a huge challenge, and we provide the workflow and management solution for any possible way of product customization.
At Concept.FiT, we believe that product personalization and seamless mass customization is a great business. It adds priceless personalization value to the consumer and thereby generates attractive, sustainable margins for businesses. And there is sheer endless room for new concept idea generation and differentiation as long as the technology and complete value chain is mastered. That is the core of the CONCEPT.FiT difference. The CONCEPT.FiT platform is an engine to achieve great customer satisfaction as well as business performance from mass customization.