CONCEPT.FiT Technology

CONCEPT.FiT is based on a unique best of breed technology stack

Front End Design and Ecommerce Shopping Tech | CONCEPT.FiT

Front End Design and Ecommerce Platform | CONCEPT.FiT

Front End Technology – Design & Shopping

SPA | API first | Cloud native | HTML5 Designer | Native iOS, Android Apps

  • CONCEPT.FiT is based on the most advanced micro-services based webpage concept – Cloud native, API based. It is an JAMstack based system where a website sends the script to a user’s browser, the browser interprets and runs the code within a so called sandbox.
  • CONCEPT.FiT Desktop applications are built on Javascript HTML5 and optimized to run in all modern browsers.
  • CONCEPT.FiT Mobile Apps are built natively for each operating system, completely unique, yet compatible and optimized for each iOS and Android.

Back End Technology – Business Operations

Single Console UI to all settings, operational business management and data

  • Cloud based functional dashboard interface for best of breed micro-services integration
  • Dynamic single access point and display to execute all operational platform functions at any business level
  • Cloud setup based on strictest security and privacy requirements such as VPN, VPC, dual sign in, signed cookies.

Business Console Technology | CONCEPT.FiT

Business Console Technology | CONCEPT.FiT

Data Management System

Enterprise-class relational data management, based on MySql, optimized to operate at scale with on-the-fly deployment options.

  • Enterprise grade relational database
  • Oracle compatibility features for on-premise
  • MySql advanced server and enterprise manager
  • Failover manager
  • Public Cloud, Private Cloud, On-premise bare metal
  • Backup and recovery guarantee
  • Replication server
  • Data adaptors
  • Advanced deployment, replication and migration process
  • Visualization towards CONCEPT.FiT Console

Logic, Process Technology & Innovation

CONCEPT.FiT core API infrastructure

  • System performance standards and functional definitions
  • Implementation based on Application Interface (API) logic that defines the interaction among the CONCEPT.FiT system components such as data and other logic conditions.

Hybrid – Cloud/On-premise IT Infrastructure

AWS Global Cloud | Optional On-Premise Production Environment

  • Global Datacenters with guaranteed redundancy
  • Full, unlimited dynamic scaleability
  • VPC setup, redundancy, backup cycles, signed cookies, CDN, Security
  • On-premise setup preferably by software managed VM infrastructure, depending on existing production environment; communication cloud/on-premise based on CONCEPT.FiT API’s.

Production & Mass Customization Technology

Digital Printing, any form of digital customization | Product composition and assembly | Order bundling

  • Digital Printing, Engraving, Etching, Embroidery: Automated Prepress file generation including color management, resolution settings, etc. | Print Imposition | Barcoding | Allocation of jobs to machines based on product type, factory loading, ..
  • Managing other Manufacturing and Production Processes: e.g. binding, glueing, configurating, multiple product components into a final product
  • Status Tracking, Automated reworks, Order bundling, Preparation for shipment