CONCEPT.FiT Platform Modules

Personalization Design Applications | E-commerce Shopping | E-commerce Business Console | Production, Supply Chain Mgmt

Design Applications & Design Management

Consumer Personalization Applications | Mobile Apps | Design Asset Management  

With CONCEPT.FiT consumer personalization design creation and editing applications, everybody can create great designs.

  • CONCEPT.FiT design applications rely on our same core technology, yet user interface, design flows and options are specifically and continuously tailored to each and every product to achieve most intuitive creative flows and UIs. 
  • CONCEPT.FIT design feature highlights: Multi-Platform | AI multi-page Auto-Design | Auto-Layout | Drag&Drop concept designs | Fully integrated Design Asset Management |Fast Upload Algorithm | Layout Preparation | Multi-Page Editing | WYSIWYG Previews and many many more
  • Focused Desktop Product Editors: Photo Book Editor | Photo Calendar Editor | Wall Art Editor | Accessories Editor | Photo Gifts Editor and more
  • Mobile Product Editors: Photo Book App | Photo Calendar App | Wall Art App | Photo Gifts App and more
  • Design Management Console for businesses: Manage Design Assets | Design Kits | Template Designs | Theme Designs

Online & Mobile Shopping Platforms

Dynamic E-Commerce site | Shopping cart |User account management

  • Product Presentation, information and direct personalization creation integration.
  • Fully dynamic setup whereby every element on the ecommerce platform is rendered in real time, bringing any changes in products, attributes, prices, etc. to the front-end in real time.
  • Dynamic sitemap and logic to provide for changes in product portfolio, including new features, new products, obsolescence, etc.
  • Mobile offline creation experience mobile shopping cart integration for mobile order uploads.
  • Digital Asset Management Library for all product and design displays.
  • Native CONCEPT.FiT shopping cart and integration of any payment processing service provider such as PayPal, Apple Pay, etc.

E-commerce Operations Console

Centralized, complete customization business operations management console

  • Product Management
  • E-commerce, site content management
  • SEO management features
  • Price and Promotion management
  • Design Asset Management
  • Customer Service and Order Management
  • Supply Chain Management and Tracking
  • Commercial Invoicing interface

Production Management Platform

Factory-level mass customization production mgmt. | Multi-Factory Supply Chain mgmt.

  • Order Upload, Processing
  • Factory-Level Download, local processing
  • Assignment of jobs to each and every equipment
  • Batch optimization
  • Tracking of jobs as per defined production flow for each product
  • Batch tracking
  • Rework Management
  • Order Composition, Collection
  • Adress labeling, shipping preparation