Additionally, the emphasis placed on CSR practices by organizations, authorities and the media somewhat force companies to act and comply with positive effects in improving public health and local and regional economic and social development. We identify some concerns regarding increased transparency in the professional conduct and financial/nonfinancial reporting of pharmaceutical companies listed on the Romanian capital market. We analyze the responsible social behaviors of the pharmaceutical companies for 2014–2018 and briefly present aspects related to actions reported in the entities’ annual reports for local development. Table3 presents a summary of all social responsibility projects presented in the companies’ annual financial and/or nonfinancial reports during the analyzed period. Sumitomo Corporation will capitalize on its strengths as an integrated trading company to support USL’s business management by supplying materials for drugs and helping USL put new products on the market.

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For example, he was among the first practitioners to insist on purity for drugs. He also recognized the importance of using the right variety and age of botanical specimens to be used in making drugs. The company would like to consider building of two greenfield continuous facilities and their possible expansions in the future.

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In most cases it can be easily calculated by multiplying the share price with the amount of outstanding shares. Only the top pharma companies are shown in this list and pharma companies that are not publicly traded are excluded. This guide provides resources for researching the pharmaceutical industry, focusing on business aspects.

This means that if free competition were permitted, firms spending hundreds of millions of dollars to bring a new drug to market would be unlikely to recoup those investments, as competition would drive prices down to production costs (“pennies a pill”). A SWOT analysis is where you take a hard look at your business plan’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In addition to completing a SWOT analysis of your own pharmaceutical distribution company, make sure to do one for each of your major competitors as well. This will give you a great overview and comparison of the market and where and how you fit into it.

  • Johnson & Johnson quickly alerted consumers across the country not to consume any type of Tylenol product and not to resume using Tylenol until the extent of the poisoning could be determined.
  • Without insulin, glucose accumulates in the bloodstream4, causing dangerously high blood sugar levels.
  • We have been committed to improving lives since the company was founded in 1896 in Basel, Switzerland.

J&J is working towards the development of a COVID-19 vaccine through the Ad26® vector technology and PER.C6® manufacturing platform. Top pharma companies are currently focusing on developing vaccine to fight COVID-19. A drug is a substance used to prevent or cure a disease or ailment or to alleviate its symptoms. In the U.S., drugs may be bought over-the-counter or by doctor’s prescription. Also, even if a company brings a new medicine to the market, it does not mean it will gain widespread physician approval and use. Pharmaceutical companies create medicines from chemicals and synthetic processes.

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As medical drugs move through various vendors in between, it becomes difficult to trace the authenticity or origin of the drug. Blockchain-based applications provide live tracing of drugs throughout its supply chain. With other technologies like Internet of Things in use, other parameters like temperature conditions of the drugs during its delivery can also be traced. A team of pharmaceutical researchers is reporting a newly recognized process of drug metabolism in the intestines – followed by recycling through the liver – that could have important implications …

While you can’t guarantee that it’s going to be a successful plan, you can set your business up in a smart way to better your chances of success. Start by hiring an experienced business consultant who fully understands the pharmaceutical industry. This person will be responsible for examining your overall business concept and determining if it would survive and thrive as it should. DT performed the literature review on the topic, contributed to the interpretation of the results and revised the manuscript.

CSR is a concept that refers to the presumptive debt that companies as social actors have towards all parties involved in achieving their economic activity. Additionally, the role of CSR is to contribute to societal goals, such as philanthropic or charitable objectives, through ethically oriented practices , though how adequately this is achieved is debated . We used an exploratory approach to measure compliance with the Corporate Governance Code of pharmaceutical companies listed on the Romanian capital market and with practices declared through CSR.