Partner with CONCEPT.FiT

From full franchise to integration ad module level – benefit from CONCEPT.FiT to run your mass customization business

Full Franchise

Make use of our Plug-and-Play franchise – quickest time to market

  • CONCEPT.FiT full franchise has been set up to demonstrate and drive the end-to-end integration potential of a holistic mass customization platform.
  • CONCEPT.FiT full franchise is a plug-and-play business solution that can be set up quickly in any global market.
  • CONCEPT.FiT full franchise can be set up with and for marketeers to leverage an existing customer base or on the other hand for large digital printers and producers of mass merchandize customization. In either case, we can manage supply chain partners or leave that to our partners.

White Label Setup

Your brand – running the CONCEPT.FiT platform

  • You built an established mass customization brand? Be it in photo products, self-publishing, personalized merchandize or any kind of textile or home deco – CONCEPT.FiT might be the solution for your future prosperity.
  • We specifically address established high volume businesses who went through costly past generations of design editors, shopping platforms and patchwork manufacturing integration. There is a lot of complexity accumulating over time and this might endanger even a good business.
  • CONCEPT.FiT is the solution to transition legacy business to a new state-of-the art one stop shop platform.

CONCEPT.FiT MODULAR business integration

Modular Integration

Integration with other systems, step-by-step integration

CONCEPT.FiT is built by modules which can be integrated at any level of the business value chain for mid- to high volume mass customization businesses.

  • CONCEPT.FiT Design Applications online and the Mobile Print and Personalization Design Apps offer modular integration interfaces.
  • CONCEPT.FiT E-commerce shopping infrastructure is built to host any consumer created, edited or manufacturing configured customized product portfolio.
  • CONCEPT.FiT shop floor level production System and multi-factory Supply Chain integration offer a management solution for Digital Printers and industrial mass customization of any kind.