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Franchising, Licensing, Marketing partners

You run a high volume online business for self-publishing of books, photo books, personalized products, photo merchandize and the like. You got your own production or you source everything from one or multiple suppliers regionally or globally?

You want to differentiate with state-of-the art consumer facing front-end applications, be it desktop or mobile, and you need the operational and cost efficiencies from an end-to-end integrated solution vs. your potentially ‘great’ but high maintenance and bug-sensitive historic patchwork IT?

Let’s talk and make use of the CONCEPT.FiT platform to take your business to the next level!

Mass customization suppliers

You run an industrial production of mass customized items as mentioned in our markets & products section? Be it digital printing, photo book production, photo merchandize production, personalized stationery, accessories or the like.

Or you got a new product concept that you can produce and supply to our franchises and partners, regionally or globally? Then let us know!

Corporate Development, Investments

We are privately owned, our horizon is strategic, long-term, and yet we are able to act instantly. We are open to global/regional/brand-based partnership suggestions, investment discussions and joint venture ideas. Let’s talk!


If you got here by reference of one of our branded consumer-facing online franchisees or partners’ sites and you have questions regarding those businesses or related to ordering products, please refer to the contact options on these individual branded business websites directly with your questions.

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