CONCEPT.FiT is a modular, end-to-end Product Personalization and Mass Customization Platform


Personalization | Customization |Fit Concepts and Technology to Ideas

“CONCEPT.FiT is enabling product personalization by consumers and businesses through our design applications and providing a complete commercial and industrial technology platform to enable digital as well as physical creation and mass customization of a growing variety of products and things with best quality in the most efficient way. We create customization technology and concepts to fit personalization ideas.”

CONCEPT.FiT Experience & Capabilities

Global Market Knowledge | Full Technology Stack | Deep Industrial Experience

  • We generate digital personalization concepts with our global network in the customization industry. Our technology development work is driven by our global vision on possibilities in the industry.
  • We master the complete technology stack development to of our CONCEPT.FiT end-to-end customization platform.
  • We bring hands-on experience in high volume integrated cloud- hybrid- commerce and application integration, transforming legacy systems to our state-of-the art customization platform.
  • Our team brings a deep understanding of industrial digital personalization, especially in digital printing as well as any other form of industrial mass customization of digitally personalized products and things.


Bring the joy of personalization to everyone | Excite with ever innovative personalization concepts | Drive optimal service and business performance with our customization operations solution

  • Deliver innovative personalization concepts, products, services, technology, infrastructure, supply chain services to partner with industry players at any required level – be it full system or modular system integration.
  • Innovate multi-platform design applications including AI driven design functions, to enable everybody to produce great personalization designs on any operating system and device.
  • Provide the most effective, easy to operate, fast and nimble marketing and ecommerce business generation backend console infrastructure.
  • Partner only with leading Cloud infrastructure providers and adapt the optimal hybrid Cloud vs. On-premise performance and efficiency.
  • Integrate manufacturing to shopfloor-level functions where necessary. Integrate system-level supply chain partners with adaptive interface system integration. 
  • Keep the CONCEPT.FiT platform modular and open to any situation and depth of integration with our partners’ systems as well as to integrate new system-level technology modules to stay on top of the game ‘whatever comes’.